1. Live Painting at the "Ackerkonzert" 22nd July 2023

    I was delighted to be asked to paint the "Ackerkonzert" held at Hofgut Rengoldshausen in Überlingen, Germany on Saturday, 22nd July.  The concert w...
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  2. Neue Wege im Gesundheitswesen | New Paths in the Health Service

    This event, long anticipated and awaited happened the other night on 1st June, in Sissach, BL.  I am immensely proud to have been part of it, a hug...
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  3. Mobile ATELIER in Cheesmeyer drawing to a close!

        It's been a great month in the historic cafe Cheesmeyer! I've had lots of lovely conversations about my work, been challenged and feel fulfil...
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  4. Two great opportunities to buy art to give your walls an instant face lift!

    Two great opportunities to buy art to freshen up your walls: 
    17th June – 31. July "Love London" ATELIER Sibylle Laubscher, Arisdorf & online on 
    30th June - 28th August:  Galerie Carzaniga, Basel celebrating 120th anniversary of the Swiss Society of Female Artists (SGBK). 

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  5. To be or not to be talented...

    To be, or not to be talented? Do you believe in talent? I don't really. People often say, "oh you are so talented" and though I am flattered, I answer, "well I don't really believe in talent". Find out why and read my blog post...
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  6. Roadworks infront of my ATELIER

    Roadworks outside my ATELIER accompanied by visual diary...a drawing a day.

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