Commissions & Projects

Contact me or read about the process and look at ideas here

How about something special just for you?
Are you looking for an artist to bring your idea to life? 
Have you started your own business and are looking for a logo?
You need a poster for an event?
Do you want me to paint your special event LIVE?

I am driven to provide you with art work that is meaningful, beautiful and brings you joy for a long time - and is HAND DRAWN.

Feel free to ask me questions about the process - it should be fun and exciting for everyone involved.

It will be a privilege to work with you, bringing your visions to life - visions that fit seamlessly into your life, while honoring my artistic style.

I regularly paint LIVE - for example from my mobile Atelier in the culture cafe Cheesmeyer or at concerts or... I'll paint your special event live while you live it!

I was delighted painted an 8.5m wall just outside Zurich...


"Sibylle’s work opens up the imagination creating a portal into a world of beauty. She has a uniquely quirky and joyful aesthetic which infuses her art whether it is figurative or abstract." Dr. Jacqui T.