Mobile ATELIER in Cheesmeyer drawing to a close!



It's been a great month in the historic cafe Cheesmeyer! I've had lots of lovely conversations about my work, been challenged and feel fulfilled with what I have produced. 

The comment I heard most often was "you're awfully brave working so publicly". 

Am I brave? I don't really think so. I was first sent out onto the streets to paint at university in Manchester. A complete greenhorn I didn't know what to do about people looking over my shoulder and answering rude comments if they didn't like what they saw. Now? Well, I've spent so many hours painting in museums, on the streets of London and anywhere they'll let me basically, that I actually have total faith in my ability to produce something I might even be happy with! And I can enter my zone - totally phase out my surroundings and dive deep into creation. It's my happy place. 

None of my paintings are exact replicas of what I see. None of them attempt to reproduce almost photographically. I am interested in the "numinous" the "vibe" the "spirit" of the place and that is what I am trying to catch in my work. 

Read more about this in the wonderful newspaper article Brigitte wrote, published in the Volksstimme here (in German).

Its a very friendly place with a real feeling of warmth. I hope you feel this when you look at the work I produced within its walls. 

This work will look lovely above a dining table or in a meeting area of your home. It will envelope you in a warm hug. I'll be uploading it onto my web shop shortly, so you can buy it online. 

However, in the meantime I would like to invite you to my finissage on Saturday, 28th January, from 5 -7 pm. You will be able to enjoy all the work I made together in the place that inspired it. I look forward to welcoming you! Press coverage

Ira May in Concert

Music in Cheesmeyer

Doing Homework in Cheesmeyer