Do you love being out in nature? Watching the green things grow? Enjoy the breeze in your hair as you go for a walk? Smelling bunch of fresh flowers? 

Then this collection is for you!

Here you will find the breeze making the clouds dance across the Swiss alps ("Mountain World" - works painted at 2100m above sea level en plein air).

You can almost smell the flowers in my floral still lives - I call myself "preserver of flowers" - here they will last and bring you joy for a long time.

Join me in a stroll through Kensington Palace Gardens, or hike up a mountain with me and watch the colours change with the light. 

Enjoy the spirit of nature indoors with these works. 

When painting nature, I aim to make it come alive. It is not about creating a photographically correct image of what you see before you, but capturing the spirit, the essence. Inanimate objects have life – material is never without spirit, spirit is never without material. It is about creating a feeling, capturing a mood, something ethereal that takes the subject matter to another level, making it more beautiful than in reality.

Enjoy browsing through this collection - I'm sure you'll find something to lift your spirits!