Are you looking to be enchanted by joy, spirit and beauty?

"Myths" Painting & Print, Open Atelier
25 - 26 November

Live Painting at "Ackerkonzert"
Überlingen, Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg & Bio Stiftung Schweiz
22 July

What sort of art makes your soul sing? I'd love to hear from you, send me a message!

I'm overjoyed to have been accepted onto the Royal Drawing School's Online Drawing Year 2024! (postgraduate)

Welcome! I am a Swiss-British artist working in a poetic-expressionistic style for you.

What does that mean? Colour (= light), form (= space) and movement (= expression) fascinate me. I seek to catch the movement of the beautiful along with a sense of play.

I believe we need to create our world, be enchanted and contribute positively. By making artwork that catches a feeling, a mood, something spiritual, I give the gift of hope, because we need more than the everyday.

All images © Sibylle Laubscher unless otherwise stated.

Thank you for your wonderful words

"I'm back from my travels and immediately opened the painting I bought from Sibylle. Spoiler: it's gorgeous and I love it!"

- Veronika F., Washington, USA

"I am often out in nature and see special lights and colours - Sibylle captures this for me very genuinely in her landscape paintings - not in a photographic sense, but in an interpretative sense. Her pictures never bore me, even after years on my walls - that is always a sign of quality. "

- Ursula B., Zurich, Switzerland

"Powerful, lively, profound to witty, technically highly professional, colourful and diverse images: Feelings: the pictures give support and strength, confidence and depth, they remind you of values, connect with nature and the environment and turn everyday banal things into eye-catchers."

- Eveline P.-G., Baselland, Switzerland