Do you like art? Do you love colour?

Everyone needs more than the every day, and art is a way to experience something more. 

Colour makes us feel happy, it has been proven that colour can help lift our spirits. In Canada psychologists are prescribing museum visits. Art engagement leads to better health, may reduce depression and make you happier (Minachem Wecker, April, 2022, Artnet News). According to neuroscientist Pierre Lemarquis there is science-backed evidence that seeing art can play a crucial role in healing our bodies and minds. 

Why do I make art? Since my childhood I have buried myself in other worlds, be it by reading or by drawing and painting. I paint to express myself, to hide myself in the process of making the work.

My work is strong, expressive and joyful. Especially my abstract work – which is deeply informed by my study and constant drawing practice – comes from deep within me and is a response to the world around me. Without studying my surroundings, by sketching, drawing inspired by observation, reading, I could not make these works.

My abstract work is painted on European linen canvas I have stretched and primed tree times. Watch me do this here: