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2nd - 18th Feb. 2023
Heimatlos SGBK Exhibition, Basel

30th Mar. - 20th Apr. 2023
Jubiläumsausstellung Atelier R6, Steinen

Online Exhibition "Encounters"
Creativity Cafe, UK, Exhibition

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I am a Swiss-British artist working in a poetic-expressionistic style for people seeking depth of feeling and an emotional response to the world.

Colour (= light), form (= space) and movement (= expression) fascinate me and make it necessary to express myself artistically. This requires constantly honing my craft to catch the movement of the beautiful, its depth and my aesthetic feeling.

I believe we need to create our world as we wish it to be and contribute positively. By making artwork that catches a feeling, a mood, something spiritual, I can give people hope and show there is more than the everyday.

I spent six years painting in a local ballet school for girls. I was basically the fly on the wall, no-one stood still for me. This taught me how to capture the essence of feeling I was seeking. I aim to paint the numinous, the spirit of the matter. These darling pictures were the result. Enjoy!

Thank you for your wonderful words about my art

"I'm back from my travels and immediately opened the painting I bought from Sibylle. Spoiler: it's gorgeous and I love it!"

- Veronika F., Washington, USA

"I am often out in nature and see special lights and colours - Sibylle captures this for me very genuinely in her landscape paintings - not in a photographic sense, but in an interpretative sense. Her pictures never bore me, even after years on my walls - that is always a sign of quality. "

- Ursula B., Zurich, Switzerland

"Powerful, lively, profound to witty, technically highly professional, colourful and diverse images: Feelings: the pictures give support and strength, confidence and depth, they remind you of values, connect with nature and the environment and turn everyday banal things into eye-catchers."

- Eveline P.-G., Baselland, Switzerland