Upcoming exhibitions 2022:

17th June - 31st July | "Love London" & "Building a better world", ATELIER Sibylle Laubscher

30th June - 20th August | 120 years SGBK, Galerie Carzaniga, Basel

I'm delighted to present my new "LOVE LONDON" collection of paintings. I grew up in the UK and a dear friend lives in London. I really enjoy visiting her and the city... and I have to paint while there - there is just so much to inspire. I love visiting the art galleries and this eggs me on. I always set myself new artistic challenges. This May I was able to go for 3 weeks, meaning it was not only possible to visit old friends, but also devote a considerable amount of time to painting.

I hope you enjoy these works as much as I loved painting them and trying to capture some of the spirit of this city.

Remember they are unique originals, therefore there is only one of each.

Thank you for your wonderful words about my art

"Powerful, lively, profound to witty, technically highly professional, colourful and diverse images: Feelings: the pictures give support and strength, confidence and depth, they remind you of values, connect with nature and the environment and turn everyday banal things into eye-catchers."

- Eveline P.-G., owner of several paintings

"I am often out in nature and see special lights and colours - Sibylle captures this for me very genuinely in her landscape paintings - not in a photographic sense, but in an interpretative sense. Her pictures never bore me, even after years on my walls - that is always a sign of quality. "

- Ursula B., collector of my work

"It is exciting, forbidden, wicked and very lively. The colours are great. It’s alive, it’s vibrant. Joy."

- Dr. Barbara K., owner of several paintings, talking about "The Three Graces"