The Painted House

Have you ever visited an artist's home and been inspired by a different kind of aesthetic?

How did it make you feel? Happy? Curious? Longing to sit down and put your feet up?

I am constantly inspired by my surroundings - be they my rooms at home, plants on the windowsill or a garden...

During covid I painted all sorts of interior landscapes, as well as scenes around our garden, even in the grounds of Chateaux Gaultie, France, where we were lucky to spend a holiday. 

I had covid - as the first person I knew to get it. I was locked in my bedroom with my paints and easel. So naturally I painted pictures of my bedroom. 

This collection is for all those who want to bring a new room into their homes - a room where you don't have to dust, tidy or water the plants. But which you can roam around in with your soul. Where you feel sheltered and hugged. 

A new space for enchantment, for daydreaming and imaginings. 

Each work is a unique and there is only ONE.