Mobile ATELIER in Cheesmeyer, Sissach in January

I am delighted to be painting in the historic cafe Cheesmeyer in Sissach in January. I love this cafe, it reminds me of Vienna and is a bit like a living room away from home where you can meet new and interesting people, but feel totally at ease. Like a favourite squishy armchair. 

In the framework of "Kunst im Schaufenster" they have asked an artist to decorate their windows every month. As January is a grey month, I have hung my abstract work in the windows on one side and made myself a mobile ATELIER on the other. Here I will draw and paint from Wednesday - Friday, 2.30 - 6pm. On Saturdays I'll either be there in the afternoon or evenings sketching the concerts and events. 

I am also offering to paint YOUR portrait! Come and sit for a while, enjoy a coffee or glass of wine while I paint a picture of you (or your favourite auntie, granny, grandpa, niece, nephew...) sitting here. For only Fr. 590 you can own an original piece of artwork painted while you watch in acrylic on paper. 

I'm honoured and delighted to be doing this, but it is also a challenge! 

Meet & Greet Drinks: Thursday, 12th Jan from 5pm | Come and join me, say hello, look at my work so far and enjoy the vibe!