What are you looking forward to this month?

Is there something special in your diary this month? Something you hope will happen? Or are you just taking every day as it comes and enjoying the first signs of Spring?

I am looking forward to the exhibition in Atelier R6, Steinen opening on 30th March. I will be showing my painting "There are Two Sides to Everything" - an original oil painting painted at 2100m above sea level en plein air in the Swiss alps.

If you are a lover of fresh mountain air, views into the distance, the freedom you feel deep in the bowls of nature, then this is for you!

Do go to my website to check out the other mountain paintings available in the "Nature" collection. They were all painted en plein air at 2100m above sea level in the Swiss alps. I'm sure you'll find something you love - that will bring a fresh breeze into your home!

Opening: Thursday, 30th March, 6 - 8pm
Exhibition runs from 30th March - 20th April

Monday, 03.04., 10.04. and 17.04.2023, 14 – 16 h
Tuesday, 04.04., 11.04. and 18.04.2023: 11 – 16 h
Thursday, 06.04., 13.04. and 20.04.2023: 14 – 18 h
Saturday, 01.04., 08.04.: 14 – 18 h and 15.04.2023: 14 – 22 h
Sunday, 02.04., 09.04. and 16.04.2023: 14 – 18 h

Atelier R6

Jubiläumsausstellung Steinen

Atelier R6 Ausstellung