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You might be wondering how my event went last weekend. I had been working towards it since February and now its all over! 

I am overjoyed to say, it was a total success!

I was delighted with the feedback in my guestbook and the lovely guests who came. Several works went to new homes, which is always wonderful. 

A very big thank you everyone who helped me make the event so fabulous: 
"Die Bluegrass-Dschämmer" who created a beautiful sound backdrop on Sunday, Jürg who came to help serve coffee on Saturday & Sunday, Esthi and Rosmarie who baked cakes, Dominik who printed my flyers, my husband Michael who supported me throughout and my kids who served cake in the garden. Martin who helped me write my speech (read it here) and Regula who made me dinner at the end of the day on Sunday. And of course all the wonderful people who bought work to enjoy at home.
Thank you to everyone who came for all the wonderful compliments and feedback!

If you would like to read my welcome speech I have put it in my Art Philosophy section
- click on this link for English

- click on this link for German

 Die Bluegrass-Dschämmer

Guest Book entry