"At Frieze L.A. get ready to be soothed by flowers, still lifes, ceramics and more flowers"

In times of uncertainty, artists have historically returned to conservative forms of art-making—“the holy trinity of portrait, still life, and landscape,” London-based advisor Brandy Carstens recently told me. For example, following the traumatic upheaval of World War I, the likes of Picasso, Léger, and de Chirico momentarily retreated from the avant-garde into the comforts of familiarity. “After making radical work,” Carstens explained, “all of a sudden they were painting orderly classical figures.” Today, the art world is showing similar signs of distress, if the dominant market trends heading into the next edition of Frieze L.A. are any sign.
by Janelle Zara

This is my bouquet of flowers for you!