• Woman in Wood | Susanna
  • Woman in Wood | Susanna
  • Woman in Wood | Susanna
  • Woman in Wood | Susanna

Woman in Wood | Susanna

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Do you feel passionate about women's rights? Love stories of women? Know a strong woman who has come into her power?

Susanna and the Elders

Susanna is part of my "Reclaiming the Feminine" series. Read more about it here.

There are two versions of this print - once with the Elders as a transfer print, once only indicated in an abstract manner by two red circles. I am offering the more abstract one here. In total there are 3 prints with red circles, 6 with the elders. All my prints are hand burnished, printed without a press.

The original inspiration for the piece was a sculpture "Susanna" by Frank Dobson (1888 – 1963), ca. 1925, Bronze which I sketched in the Tate Museum, London. 

Susanna was watched bathing by two elders who as a result wanted to have sex with her. She replied she was married and under no circumstances would this be possible. The men, angered by her refusal, accused her of meeting her lover under a tree, saying she was an unfaithful wife. David, as judge, asked each man separately, under which tree was she meeting her lover? Each elder replied with a different tree. Therefore Susanna was pardoned as it was obviously a made up story.

Reductive wood block print using a pine wood block, hand printed without a press. The elders added using transfer print process. © Sibylle Laubscher, 2022

The print will be sent to you in lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and in a card envelope so it won't get bent.  

"Seit dem ich im Sommer den sehr inspirierenden und fundierten Kurs bei Sibylle besucht habe, nehme ich die Farben der Natur viel kräftiger und ihre Formen viel klarer wahr" Nicole