• Why does this hurt?
  • Why does this hurt?
  • Why does this hurt?

Why does this hurt?

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Size of hand burnished varied edition print (w x h cm):

You're looking for a beautiful print, one that looks back at you and touches you?

Then this is for you!
From my "Crisis" series, incorporated in my "Menopause - A Crisis Story" graphic novel are three prints. 

All hand printed, without a press, hand burnished and NOTE: every print is slightly different! No two are the same! 

This is a varied edition print run. Because I am interested in producing work that speaks to us as humans, and we are all different, no two of us are identical. By producing work that is not perfect, is not exactly the same, I am mirroring our human persona.

Varied edition print run of 10, printed using Caligo safe wash relief printing inks. 

I will send this to you carefully wrapped in cellophane and cardboard to make sure it arrives safely. 

"Seit dem ich im Sommer den sehr inspirierenden und fundierten Kurs bei Sibylle besucht habe, nehme ich die Farben der Natur viel kräftiger und ihre Formen viel klarer wahr" Nicole