• There are two sides to everything
  • There are two sides to everything

There are two sides to everything

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Do you enjoy a mountain view? Ever felt you are moving mountains? Dealt successfully with a challenge you thought insurmountable? Found a pathway through your troubles and want to celebrate?

I was very lucky to be able to paint en plein air at 2100m above sea level in Graubünden, Switzerland, without interruptions from the outside world for a week every summer from 2019 - 2022. I could focus my senses completely on the panorama and my reaction to it in the painting.

Every time I went up the mountain to paint for a week, I would take one canvas with me. I make all the canvases myself - that means stretching, priming (3x) and they all have nailed edges, because I just think the nails are so much more beautiful, and more human than staples. 

This stunning piece will create a wonderful focal point in your room, drawing attention and showing that nothing is ever as it seems, there are two sides to everything. 

This is actually two views. I stood looking one way down the valley, then I turned round and looked the other way. I then merged these two views into one painting. So basically, you get two for the price of one!

NOTE: postage charges for this piece may exceed my estimate. I WILL CONTACT YOU WITH THE FINAL POSTAL CHARGES WHICH WILL BE ADDED ONTO THE PRICE. 

"I have been accompanying Sibylle and her paintings for over 20 years - I see passion and a constant path to her own expression." (Ursula Burgy)