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Did you work at the kitchen table during covid?

Somehow it already seems unreal, like the past didn't really happen, we weren't really sequestered in our homes for weeks on end. The world didn't stand still. 

This unpretentious artwork reminds us of this time. However, it also allowed for new ways of working, more flexible hours, some spent at home in our home office, avoiding the commute. The window is open, the fresh spring air is wafting gently in. 
It is of course my kitchen, where I cook for our family. 

This painting evokes memories. It is a gentle, quiet piece - maybe perfect for a busy room where you want to add a peaceful corner.

I will send it to you lovingly wrapped in cellophane, in its cardboard mount and carefully packaged between sheets of cardboard.

"I have been accompanying Sibylle and her paintings for over 20 years - I see passion and a constant path to her own expression." (Ursula Burgy)