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The Given

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Are you looking for a statement piece of quality art? Do you believe in myth?

Then this is for you... it will add a many layered statement to any room, be a conversation starter and delight you for many years! 

I have been exploring mythmaking in my practice. I have been working through my personal deamons during the last few months and I felt a need to make my own "Schutzmantel Madonna" (protective cloak Madonna sculptures were popular in the middle ages) to keep me safe. That was my starting point for this painting. I went back and reworked her again and again over the course of 2 years. Finally I feel I have caught her on canvas...and look, you can see the world turning...

When painting abstract work, I start with a feeling, an intuition, something from my very core. Which is why these works are deeply personal. And my gift to the world. I work by balancing out, not knowing exactly what will come, but bringing it all together to form a harmonious whole. A new world for you to enjoy. 

Oil on Canvas (nailed edge, European linen)

"Seit dem ich im Sommer den sehr inspirierenden und fundierten Kurs bei Sibylle besucht habe, nehme ich die Farben der Natur viel kräftiger und ihre Formen viel klarer wahr" Nicole