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Dock Leaves

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Do you love all plants and growing things? Feel you need more of it indoors?

I was very lucky to be able to paint at 2100m above sea level in Graubünden, Switzerland, without interruptions from the outside world for a week every summer from 2019 - 2022. I could focus my senses completely on the panorama and my reaction to it in the painting.

Its wonderful to dive headfirst into the amazing mass of plants that grow at 2100m above sea level. These beautifully abundant, colourful dock leaves will allow you to have your very own bit of nature growing indoors - with no need to water. And remind you of the beauty of our natural world, even the small, seemingly insignificant. Though we always used dock leaves to quell the stinging from stinging nettles as kids. Did you do that too? 

I will send it to mounted using acid free tape and carefully wrapped so you can pop it into your frame of choice. 

"Seit dem ich im Sommer den sehr inspirierenden und fundierten Kurs bei Sibylle besucht habe, nehme ich die Farben der Natur viel kräftiger und ihre Formen viel klarer wahr" Nicole