• two girls facing each other, practicing ballet wearing white tops over black leotards infront of a colourful background

Ballet Class

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Does colour make you want to dance? Fed up of being surrounded by various shades of grey?

This stunning colourful painting shows a girl in a ballet class - you can almost hear the music making her move. I painted her from the front and from the back, facing inwards. This was how I could work on one image longer than the exercise took as ballerinas always exercise each side equally. They didn't stand still for me, I was the proverbial fly on the wall with my easel and paints in a corner of the studio.

Who doesn't love watching a dance come to life? Dreams of The Nutcracker waft in the air...

I spent 6 years painting in a ballet school for girls. This meant I set up an easel in the classroom and painted what I saw, as fast as I could capture it. I love the resulting work, catching the girl's in their class. They were also always interested to see who had I painted this time? Could I paint them next time?

This is your chance to own one of these darling pictures. 

I will send it to you in its cardboard mount carefully wrapped in protective cellophane. 

"I have been accompanying Sibylle and her paintings for over 20 years - I see passion and a constant path to her own expression." (Ursula Burgy)