ART School "Inspiration Nature"

"Do you give art classes?"

is something I have been asked countless times over the years. I've been wary of doing so for a long time. However, having taken many classes at the "Royal Drawing School" among others, plus my well-stuffed rucksack of art theory and philosophy knowledge, I feel I can really give you something special. 

If you would like to join me from further away I can offer you a room in my former B&B - a tiny house in our garden - just let me know (one bed only). 

"Inspiration Nature": Nature has long been the source of inspiration for artists. My abstract works requires a constant study of nature. Nature trains us in light and dark, colour and form. It harmonises. But out of the whole, out of the chaos, we can create small worlds of our own.

During the course we will meet artists inspired by nature, from the detailed studies of Maria Sibylla Merian to the almost abstract works of William Turner - and from the atmospheric in Caspar David Friedrich's
work to the garden paintings of Pierre Bonnard.

We begin with studies of blossoms and leaves in order to slowly and gently come to rest. Afterwards we develop work guided by observation and imagination. We will concentrate on colour, form and movement.

Wednesday, 19th July - Friday, 21st July, daily 10am - 5pm
Max. 6 participants
Price: Fr. 600
Materials list on registration
Drinks and easels are provided. 
Location: in my garden
Registration & Questions: contact me


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