Welcome to my new website! Now you can buy paintings online!

I am delighted to welcome you to my new website - this enables you to buy my paintings wherever you are and enjoy beautiful original art on your walls! 

"I have been accompanying Sibylle and her paintings for over 20 years - I see passion and a constant path to her own expression. Sibylle stays away from the vanity and arbitrariness of the art market. With her paintings, she expresses what she honestly sees and feels, beyond the fashion trends to which art is also subject.

I like Sibylle’s courage. She never bends over backwards.

I am often out in nature and see special lights and colours - Sibylle captures this for me very genuinely in her landscape paintings - not in a photographic sense, but in an interpretative sense. Her pictures never bore me, even after years on my walls - that is always a sign of quality." Ursula Burgy