Painting at 2100m above sea level

I will be in Graubünden from today, painting on an alp 2100m above sea level in the Safiental. I have been lucky to be able to do this for several years now. Its absolutely wonderful. I will be adding my collection "Mountain Worlds" to my webshop in August/September. Let me know if you want a sneak peak!

For me, mountain painting is an immersion in painting without interruptions from the outside world. I can focus my senses completely on the panorama and my reaction to it in the painting. Of course, I could sit in the sun all day and read an exciting book. But I realise what an honour it is to be able to do this and to be there, so I want to take full advantage of it.

After day 2 I often experience a slump. The view is still the same. I don't move many metres from the house, my painting materials are too heavy to carry around on uneven terrain. What do I do now?

Then something happens again and I think, wow, I haven't explored that yet. One summer I played with the horizon, another with the clouds. And I'm off painting again. The possibilities are endless. Just like art. And art must show more than what is, otherwise it is only copying. It must show what is possible, increase nature to what it could be. Create a new world with colour, form and movement. That is what I always try to do. It is a challenge that gives me a lot of pleasure.

And I hope the work that ensues will transfer this feeling of immersion, freedom and wide horizons to you. So you can immerse yourself in the artwork and enjoy these sensations at home.