Last days of "Spring is here" with 10% discount

Do you love spring blooms? Enjoy seeing the heralds of warmer days appear? From the first snowdrop to the fullness of blossom? And would you like to be reminded of the miracle of spring all year round? Then these artworks are for you! Bring nature into your home and hang a painting that brings you joy every time you look at it! 

The "Spring is here" collection featuring daffodils, narcissi, snowdrops and blossom will only be available till 12th June. As a thank you I am offering special 10% discount on these products at the moment - from 24th May - 12th June 2022.

I always get excited when I see the first flowers poke their heads out of the ground in my garden. And it doesn't stop as more and more of them arrive. This year has been a particularly joyful one - we have a field of snowdrops in our garden and the daffodils came up wonderfully too. Of course once the blossom flower there's no holding back. I see a painting wherever I look, the possibilities are endless. And I want to make these works available to you, so they can bring you the joy I feel when painting them. How do you feel when spring arrives? Doesn't it make you want to dance for joy? I think this is a feeling that should be cherished. Every season has its perfect moments, the first snow in winter, the beauty of a long warm summer day. But spring is special, especially if its been a hard winter.