Splish Splash

Summer has definitely ended and autumn is on its way. However, enjoy remembering the lovely warm days spent in the pool with this collection. On especially hot days I enjoy time at the local swimming pool instead of my ATELIER. However, to compensate, I take my paints and canvas with me! My routine is always: first swim 10 lengths (OK my ambitions are as an artist, not a sportsperson), then unpack my equipment and get painting. 

This is mini-collection is perfect for your bathroom, pool house or wellness zone! The ideal backdrop to a watery panorama it will make you want to dive right in. Of course the title was inspired by Hockney's Bigger Splash, but the work is entirely different. 

To transmit the feeling of heat I primed the canvas/the paper in fluorescent pink, which you can see glinting through. So, go on, invest in some art for your fitness, and you will enjoy this area of your space even more - and feel the heat, but cool down as you take a dip! ;-)